Light Helmet Mounted Display

« A top of the range solution for fixed wings applications »


LHMD-3 is one of the most advanced, night & day, reliable HMD for fixed wings aircrafts on the market.

LHMD-3 is a modular, flexible solution for any fixed wings platform where head sustained weight is a key issue. LHMD-3 target is to provide enhanced situational awareness through a modular / evolutive system that minimizes costs still being able to evolve with user’s needs.

LHMD 3 Benefits

  • Full-color, dynamic conformal color symbology overlaid on the real world or images,
    All clearly visible in all ambient lighting conditions.
  • Display of Digital Terrain Elevation, Tactical Information, …
  • MFD / Virtual HUD display
  • Very Precise & reliable weapons and sensors cueing, steered by head.
  • Target designation made rapid for sensors hand-off
  • Adaptable to standard helmets, interchangeable between pilots.
  • No cockpit adaptation needed for night capability

LHMD 3 Highlights

  • Head positioning by a unique Hybrid Optical and Gyro Mems subsystem
  • Embedded Day Night Camera.
  • Really seamless 24h operation with no day night transition phase.
  • 40×30° FOV high resolution full 24 bits color display
  • Fast, only once bore sight offset procedure
  • Minimal helmet weight and volume (no NVGs), unhindered head movements
  • High precision tracker with full 360° field of regard
  • Compact lightweight system allowing for rapid integration (even in small aircraft)
  • External video inputs may be displayed
  • No cockpit mapping, low cockpit maintenance

LHMD 3 Technologies

  • Hybrid opto-inertial tracker for fast, precise & full cockpit helmet tracking
  • Programmable symbology for more flexibility at integration or customer level.
  • High resolution 24bits color display
  • Embedded camera can provide images for VCR.
  • ITAR free, no export restrictions
  • Technology transfer available