• Helmet mounted display

ATIS 2.0

"More than 20 years of innovation in many industrial and military sectors"

Design of Electro-optical and image processing systems with a low cost approach


ATIS2.0 is an engineering company, based in Aix en Provence (France), specialised in developing optronics systems in the industrial, military and civilian markets.

Our company develops and commercialises Hyperspectral cameras using passive Infrared Imagery to detect gas clouds by measuring the energy gathered from the scene in the infrared spectral domain.

Our team

"A very strong team with a “out of the box thinking” spirit"

Our expertise

"Design & prototyping of electro-optical and image processing systems"



  • A Innovative optical design capability
  • A strong expertise in complex INFRARED & TRACKING systems
  • A LOW COST approach using large market components (automotive, …)
  • ITAR free


  • Real time multi target tracking with high precision computation
  • Man Machine Interface
  • Data fusion and multispectral approach
  • Real time image processing in low S/N


  • A large competencies from physics to software concentrated in a small team
  • A cost effective design capabilities (to reach the civilian market)
  • A team strongly motivated and managed by technical experts

Our skills



  • Optronics systems
  • Performance modeling
  • Overlaping images with terrain reality
  • Mechanic modeling

Optical & mechanical

  • Concept drawings
  • Optical design
  • System architecture
  • Motorization
  • Manufacture subcontracting


  • Specification / architecture
  • Components selection
  • Performance evaluation
  • Integration
  • Calibration / validation


  • Specifications / validations
  • Real time on board software development
  • Man machine interface development
  • Software integration in airborne platforms


  • Architecture and components selections (µprocessors, FPGA, DSP)
  • Detectors from the visible to the Long wave Infrared band
  • Schematics / routing
  • Low level software development (ASSM, VHDL, C)

Image processing

  • Algorithm research
  • Test & validations on operational scenery
  • Software / hardware implementation optimization