Helmet Mounted Display

« A monocular HMD solution for helicopters applications »

HMD solution

The ATIS2.0 HMD solution is the most accurate Head Tracking System (HTS) on the market for helicopter application.

Monocular symbology display

  • Field of view: 25°
  • Definition: 800 x 600
  • High brightness and contrast
  • Day & night symbology with standard NVG
  • Flight symbology
  • Customised symbology designed by pilots

Hybrid technology

The Head Tracking System (HTS) uses hybrid technology combining Optical measurement done by two cameras and GyroMEMs.

High precision cameras provide absolute optical localisation independantly with a precision up to 2 mrds.

The hybridised Line of sight calculation provide a high level of redundancy using 3 independent sources: 2 high precision cameras + 1 GyroMEMs

Using one fast inaccurate instrument (Gyros) and two accurate but slow sensors  (Camera) to get fast & accurate head positions


Easily customized to any basic helmet, a second skin is added including:

  • 15 Leds + optics set to form the patterns
  • Power board to manage & protect leds
  • Intelligent boards with gyro providing:
    • Helmet angles rates
    • Memory for gyros and patterns calibration


HMD Characteristics

Motion BoxCockpit dependent, typical values are: 500 x 500 x 700mm (XYZ) for optical sensors, whole cockpit using IMUs.
Attitude BoxCockpit dependent, typical values are:
±110°, +60°/-30°, ±45° (Az,El,Ro) for optical sensors,
±180°, ±90°, ±90° (Az,El,Ro) using IMUs.
AccuracyUp to 2 mrds, cockpit depedent.
Latency0 using predictive mode (3ms predictive mode disabled)
Field of view25°
Definition800 x 600 pixels
Resolution0.5 mrd
Contrast>1.2:1 @ 34000 cd/m²
Dimensions60 x 55 x 105 mm
Weight0.45 kg
Bore Sight
Dimensions67 x 57 x 127 mm
Weight0.50 kg
Dimensionssize dependent
Weight2.0 kg
Dimensions280 x 160 x 370 mm
Weight2.0 kg
Power28 VDC (< 150 W)